Art & Design Direction

We provide art & design consultation to small businesses and enterprises. Whether you need an hour to get some ideas and tips or would like a second opinion on the designs created by other designers, we will be able to assist you.


For OVOC, a good design requires more than great artistic vision to be successful. Not only is the quality of goods or services important, but also the perception and engagement of customers, in an omnichannel society.

We also need to make sure that the design is in line with the company vision and messages, be able to bring forward the essence of the company in the artwork produced, placement of proper call to action with good copywriting in accordance to the goals and objectives of each marketing collateral that is being designed.

On the whole, all the different design collaterals still need to have a cohesive and consistent design style to present the company as one unit with consistency.

Website designs should be easy for your visitors to find the information they are looking for, your contact information easy to find, enable you to capture visitor data, build your mailing list size and be beautiful at the same time.

So whether the goal is acquiring new customers or a focus on customer/client retention we can help you to produce stunning designs, marketing material, web presence and continually adapt to new challenges and an every changing marketplace.

If you want a consultant to make sure your efforts are the best they can be, give us a call and we can discuss how to turn your creative goals into accomplishments.

Art Direction Consultation Services

Graphic Design

We can provide consultation on whether your current design collaterals are in line with your company message and values, and what you can do to protray a cohesive branding and professional image that helps to maximize your business goals and objectives.

Website Design

We can take a look at your current website or designs proposed by other designers and provide recommendations on how to provide a better user experience to your visitors, a better flow and structure of content, to placement of call to action to entice more potential customers to contact you, depending on your goals and objectives.

Any questions you may have

Plus any other design, branding, web hosting, email setup and/or business related questions you may have.

Art Direction Consultation Pricing

Our art & design direction consultation pricing is based on per hourly rate and done over phone or Skype. You can use this time to tap into our expertise, get your questions answered, and/or receive an expert opinion on your current designs, evaluate whether it is in line with your company message plus get recommendations on how to improve the call to actions on your marketing collateral to maximize your business objectives and goals. We can also look at the concept designs done by web designers to make sure that your website will be user friendly and has all the crucial marketing elements in place for your business success.

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