Brand Naming & Tagline Creation

What’s in a name? Quite a bit! First impressions matter, right? Your company’s name and tagline will appear on virtually every single piece of marketing material and will be your customers’ first introduction to your unique business model. Your brand name and tagline should be reflective of your overall enterprise, while being memorable to your consumers.


Memorable brands start with a distinctive name. A name is more than just words. It’s how people will come to know and think of your brand.

A name can say exactly what you do, be the basis for your brand’s personality or set a tone of voice which is appropriate to the industry you’re in. It can help you belong to a category or stand out amongst competitors. It can be fun, quirky, clever, professional or traditional, the possibilities are endless.

Your brand name and tagline work together to help a prospect decide if your company is worth learning more about. When a prospect visits your site, you have about 7 seconds to wow them. Within the first half of the first second, you’ve got to make it clear that they’ve come to the right place. An effective name and tagline can provide that immediate connection.

Taglines are an effective way to communicate the brand’s “unique value proposition” powerfully, succinctly and memorably. A great tagline is a powerful tool that can help consumers, customers, suppliers, and other interested audiences link your company or product name to a brand promise and message.

After a brand name or company name, the tagline is often the second most noticeable element.

A great tagline can:

  • Enhance the brand promise
  • Inspire you to learn more about the brand or company
  • Differentiate the brand or company from the competition
  • Create an emotional bond

Let our talented team of writers blend your company’s mission with our creativity and concoct a memorable and professional brand name and/or tagline. We’re experts at injecting your company’s personality, character and values into a single sentence. We’re modern-day wordsmiths with a creative flair.


Brand Naming

Get a brand name created for your business, suitable for whether you’re trying to get a new company off the ground, launch an exciting new product, enter a merger or reinvent a tired brand.

Tagline Creation

Let us position your brand with an emotionally-driven tagline that represnets what you stand for, your beliefs and goals.

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Each package includes an indepth research of your business, market segment, target market and competition.

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