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You don’t need to be an expert to design a basic graphic. There are a lot of templates on the internet that give generous help for the most part and they do a very good job of this. Graphic design is not limited to one platform, from social media to basic logos there are so many ways you could creatively make a graphic. Graphic design apps are generally available to all, but this does not mean that mistakes could not be made when creating a graphic. For this reason, there are a few tips to consider when designing a graphic.

  1. When using fonts or typefaces, less is more: Too many fonts spoil the design, so it’s best to use a minimalistic approach for the graphic design. Typefaces and fonts should be easy to read.
  2. Scaling is nothing to be afraid of: Scaling in graphic designing is very important, as it adds dimension to the typeface or fonts. Scales can be used for shapes or features that need definition. Scaling can be combined with color to provide an aesthetically pleasing graphic design. Careful designing is pertinent to the process; typefaces that look bad when enlarged should not be used.
  3. Proper spacing cannot be overemphasized: Letter spacing should be properly to allow the text to breath by preventing congestion. Care should be taking when using letter spacing, because increasing space between the letters can cause detachment. Space can also be used to align text so it looks presentable when viewed by a reader.
  4. Graphic designs need beautiful colors: Primary colors and secondary colors help make the design beautiful. Mixing one to three primary colors with the same number of secondary colors can be attractive when done properly. When choosing colors for typefaces, it is necessary to note they need to be bold enough to cast a contrasting light to the background they are placed upon. A good graphic design uses typefaces that contrast but at the same time fit their respective backgrounds
  5. Simple is not understated: Graphic designs should always be kept as simple as possible and unnecessary elements should be limited.


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