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The era of analog business practices is almost at its end and digital marketing is gaining steady ground. One of the ways to stand out in the business world is to get a good graphic design. Graphic design is anything ranging from logos, websites, video, collateral materials and so on. As far as first impressions go, a good graphic design is a definite way to get clients to take note. This is why it is very important to make good choices when going this route. Bad advice goes a long way in disrupting business practices and also makes a huge dent in the pocket as corrective measures do have to be taken. These are some of the worst graphic design advices around:

  1. Use someone you know: Graphic designing is a time intensive process, involving feedback and a lot of back and forth between the client and the designer. Communication is key in these kinds of transactions and as such it is necessary to hire someone on a neutral ground. Hiring someone that is close to you can bring forth certain familiarity that is not necessary. It is needful to get someone who you feel free enough to point out any displeasure you might have about the designs and at the same time have the person take you seriously enough to revise and correct these problems.


  1. It is important to save as much money possible, get a cheap graphic design: This is probably the worst advice a person can get on graphic design. The general rule is value for money, meaning that whatever funds you put is what you get on a graphic design scale. If you are planning on running a successful business, there is the need to spend a good amount of money on a graphic design. Cost-effectiveness is a good ideology, but this does not work.


  1. Turn it to a project, DIY: There is a lot of material on the internet, so it’s very tempting to learn the basics and try your hand at it. This is a recipe for disaster as there will be problems along the way.


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