iOS Developer Vs. Android Developer

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There has been an ongoing debate as to which operating system is better; android or iOS. If you’re looking to go into web development, you might need to know a few things about being an android or an iOS developer.

  1. Android developers spend a lot of time testing and debugging their software, than actual coding. This is due to the android fragmentation; this means that since android phones come in a varying number of shapes and sizes, the performance levels and the screen sizes are different; this in turn causes a lot of hitches in the web development process. Another reason why android developers spend time coding is because it takes time before the users upgrade to any new software release. This makes it difficult for the developer to focus on the new operating system as there is need to keep troubleshooting for the number of people with the old operating system. The iOS software has less fragmentation and as such the iOS developers spend more time doing actual coding. If you’re looking to be a web developer that is interested more in coding than in testing and debugging, you might want to look at being an iOS developer.


  1. Android apps take a longer time to develop due to fragmentation and other reasons. The longer the time taken to develop an app, the more it costs. Android apps cost a lot of money to make, but cost less and as an android developer, this means you spend more but earn less. iOS developers earn more due to the low revenue cost of iOS development.


  1. As a web developer, you need to make a decision between numbers and people who are most active. Android apps have the most clients in low income areas and developing countries; it would be best to stick with android developing in these cases.


  1. The advantage of android apps is that it is open sourced; most of the apps are free and can be gotten almost anywhere. If you’re a start-up developer with financial constraints trying to get a rich portfolio, not being an iOS developer is better.


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