5 Tools Everyone In The Web Design Industry Should Be Using

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The art of creating a website is an intricate process that involves a lot of creativity from the web developer, this can get a bit difficult at times when there are a lot of projects involved; hence the need for proper tools for completion of jobs. Web design and development is usually an intensive and time consuming project. This can be made better by having apps which make work easier as well as complete tasks faster. The need for applications in the web design world cannot be overemphasized. Here are five tools that should not be missing in a web designer’s workspace:

  1. Browser Calories: A web developer needs to be conscious of page weight when undertaking projects. Browser calories is a web design extension that when clicked shows the page weight of whatever is being worked on. This web design tool is beneficial because of the type of connection in place today.
  2. Visual Studio Code: This web design tool is basically used for coding. The free program can be gotten from any site, is created by Microsoft and can be used for your basing coding needs. It comes with a debugger and many other features.
  3. Firebug: This is one of the best web development tools in the web design industry. This web design tool is created by Firefox and allows the web developer edit, debug, monitor HTML, CSS and Java in a live scenario using one browser. Firebug is a very convenient web design tool and is a must have for web developers.
  4. Cloud9 IDE: The program is also a must have in the web design industry. The application is like face time for developers; it allows web developers to communicate and edit code live. It features a lot of beneficial tools, like code completion and editor, drag tees and FTP integration. This web design tool is fast becoming one of the best communication tools for developers.
  5. Fontello: The program is used for font generation, by making a selection of fonts you like you get to create a customized web font.


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