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It may be the age of electronic media, but the tangible essence of print media still makes a critical impact.
Make a Powerful Impression with Impactful Designs from OVO Creatives!
In today’s fast-paced business environment, customers turn to your website as their primary resource for a brand impression. The presentation materials used in meetings, however, sent as direct mail or handed out at conferences and shows also play an important role in your sales cycle.

Print Media Now Plays a Very Different Role in Sales & Marketing

OVO Creatives recognizes the trend toward shorter, “to the point” graphic design that guides prospects toward becoming customers. A brand impression is formed based on customers’ interpretation of your presentation media. Nearly 80 percent of the time, a customer’s next step will be a visit to your website, which must reinforce that positive brand impression.

With the popularity of web and electronic media, the purpose of presentation materials has shifted. These materials no longer serve as the primary method for learning about a company’s services and competitive benefits.

Today presentation folders and brochures should simply stimulate your prospects to do one of two things:

Visit your website
Call your company

When brochures and other printed graphic design materials become text-heavy and cumbersome, readers perceive the process of information gathering as tedious. More than likely such media will become fodder for the circular file cabinet.

OVO Creatives takes a “marketing first” approach toward all print media and graphic design. Everything we design must first communicate an intriguing marketing concept that leads toward calls to action that spur the next level of contact.

The end result?

Your prospects are impressed by your message and graphics and are impelled to learn more. Powerful impressions, more conversions, more sales.

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