10 Reasons Businesses Should Continue Blogging in 2015 – Part 1

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Blogging is highly recommended for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business, make money and attract their dream clients. If your business isn’t blogging yet, you’re missing out, big time.

A blog can dramatically help your business attract new customers. Here are 10 reasons why businesses should continue blogging in 2015.

1. It helps pull in more visitors to your website from search engines

In every second, there are 47,120 searches being made on the Google search engine. This equates to 5 billion searches a day. Think about it, how often do you use Google to search for a topic, service or product in a day?  There are a lot of potential clients and people looking for your service or product, or may benefit from the knowledge that you have to share.

Blogging, when done correctly, allows for Google and other search engines to index your published articles and provides more chances of your website being found on the search engines.

Note: The trick here is knowing how to blog in such a way that you will be easily found by the Search Engines.

2. It helps drive traffic to your website from social media

When you publish a blog post, you are creating content that you can share on your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, which again helps you to gain exposure and drive traffic to your website. This comes with a double benefit; most blogs come integrated with social media sharing tools on them nowadays, so when your readers share your articles to their social networks, you are getting even more exposure once again, to the networks and circles of your readers that otherwise you may not be connected to.  That equals to free promotion for you, how cool is that!

High chances are that you chanced upon this article and website from a Google or a link found somewhere online too. Just as how you have found this article, think about all the potential clients you could pull into your website if you blog.

Note: The trick here is knowing how to leverage on the various Social Networks and integrate them seamlessly with your Blog.

3. More Traffic = More Leads. Yay!

There are simple steps you can do take to convert the visitors that are coming into your website into leads. Depending on the objectives and goals of your business, which can be getting potential clients to contact you, book for a free consultation, or make a purchase. In any case, all you need to do is add in a compelling call-to-action in a prominent position on your blog post.

Now the thing is, not everyone is ready to purchase from you or contact you just yet. In the online World, we need more time to build credibility, trust, and a group of followers. What everyone loves though, are freebies. Visitors to your website are reading your blog post because there is something you have to say that can provide value to them. They have been attracted to your website because of the free content you have published, so give them more in exchange for their email address. By offering a free offer such as a free ebook, video training or email series, you can entice your visitors to enter their email addresses and  build your database. In this way, you build the number of leads you have and can continue to email them on your new blog posts, stay in touch, and inform them of your products and services.

Note: The trick here is knowing how to come up with an interesting free offer,  how to set up a system to capture your visitor details and automate the free offer process, what to write and where to position your call-to-action.

4. It Helps Build Credibility and Trust

I am a big fan of the Go-Giver concept. In fact, this is something that I’ve been practising in all areas of my life since young. For those who do not know what a Go-Giver is, check out the book, Go-Giver by Bog Burg at http://www.amazon.com/The-Go-Giver-Little-Powerful-Business/dp/159184200X.

A blog is an excellent platform to provide valuable knowledge and insights to your existing and potential customers. When you offer  content and brings value to them, it draws the attention of readers who are interested in what you have to offer, helps to build credibility, trust and grow the numbers of your readership and followers.

Note: The trick here is knowing what are the topics to blog about.

5. It Positions You As An Expert

Adding on to the point above, when you provide insightful content to your readers, this positions you as the expert in your field and as an industry leader. Once again, this should be done in a way where you are offering value to your customers, not just about selling what you have to offer. Think about it, how many people will be interested to read a blog with 50 articles which are all part of a sales pitch? Or, reading an entire blog about the projects you have done and the achievements you have? I am not saying that these should not be included in your blog; they can be, and they can be good way to inform your customers on what you have been up to, though a much bigger percentage of your blog posts should be dedicated to providing value instead of selling.

People are most interested in what you can offer them, what advantages you can bring to the table, instead of hearing about you talking about yourself all day long. Work on it another way, catch their attention by offering value first, and when you are established as the expert in your field, then turn them into customers.


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Take a look at Part 2 of this series where we cover the other 5 reason why businesses should continue blogging in the next article.

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