10 Reasons Businesses Should Continue Blogging in 2015 – Part 2

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Last week, we covered Part 1 of this 2 part series on the 10 reasons why businesses should continue blogging in 2015.

This is the Part 2 of the series covering the next 5 points on why you should be blogging today.


6. It Helps You to Engage and Communicate With Your Customers

In the 10 years of doing business, I get to speak with businesses of all sizes, from start ups to MNCs. Most of the time when I listen to their stories during a face to face meeting on their vision and passion for the business I get a very good picture of what they are about. The big difference comes when I visit their website, and 90% of the time the content that has been written on their website is no where even close to what they really stand for. One of the reason is due to the fact that a standard website has around 10 pages, sometimes more or less. This leaves you with only a handful of pages, perhaps only 2 to 3 pages to communicate the true essence of your business, which is not much isn’t it?

When you blog, you add in more content and chances for your potential and existing customers to really get you, what you do, what you have done, what you are about and more. The comments section in your blog even allows for chances for you to start a dialogue with them. How cool is that!

7. It helps to Humanize Your Business

When we visit a company website, most of the time we get to read about the business. mission, services and products that they provide and contact page. More or less these are pretty standard. Though when you blog, visitors will be able to see who is the one who is actually writing the article, and read up on the profile of the blogger. Instead of just portraying just a serious, corporate image out there, you actually bring a human element into your business. Ultimately, we all know that people will choose to do business with who they like, which means good relationships are the good foundation to long lasting business relationships. Especially when it comes to online marketing, it will be even more crucial to find a way to humanize your business and help to put a face to your business. Blogging will let your customers get to know you, the people who are in your organization, and more.

8. It Can Help to Promote Your Products and Services

Why of course ultimately you want to know how you can make use of your blog to bring in more revenue, if not this will not be so interesting to you and worth the ROI. Though in the internet age of today, every business is trying to gain attention on the internet. The way we do business has to change too. I really do not recommend going on and on every single blog post and website page about your company and doing the hard selling method, as seriously, I find that quite a turn off, and I am sure most people do too. The art of selling is now focused differently, first give value, blog and share more content that your potential customers can gain value from, then once in a while you are permitted to promote your products and services. After you have given value, your potential customers and readers will be more open to listening to what you actually have to offer them. By then you have already build the trust, credibility and all the things we have discussed in part 1 of this series, and you have created space for the magic to happen.

9. You Get To Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Communication skills, how important this is, in all areas of our lives. Communication is important not only in business, also in our personal relationships, family, friends, even when you head to the shop to purchase a sandwich you also need to communicate with someone. The best entrepreneurs in the World all spend time to develop and improve themselves in some way ever so often, so there isn’t much reason to say that you don’t have to do that, agree? When you commit yourself to a schedule to churn out blog content week after week, this forces you to think of new ways to communicating, to find your voice, how to better engage your readers and more. How excellent is that, you get to improve yourself on top of all the other 9 points mentioned in this article.

10. It Helps Keep Your Brand At the Top of Mind of Your Customers

Let’s take a look at the common business process. After the purchase is made by the customer, you get paid, then that is pretty much the end of it. For some businesses, the sales person may stay in touch with your customer once a while to catch up and source for new business opportunities. Some businesses do not do this at all, though some may send out newsletters once in a while to keep your customers informed. For those who does not do much to keep in touch at all, life goes on for everyone. Your customer gets busy, or change jobs, you get busy, and after a while the relationship fades off and you are left to look for new customers over and over again. This is one of the most tedious process in business, so how about rather than keep on looking for new customers, you find a way to keep in touch with them on a consistent basis, through your blog by (once again) offering content of value to them.

In this case, every week, or every day, once you post a new article, they receive an email newsletter from you too. When they receive the email in their inbox, they see that it is from your company, your logo appears in the newsletter, you keep your brand name consistently on their mind. What happens next when they want to look for someone that provides the service or product that you offer? High chances are, you will be getting an email or call from them soon.



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