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If you have your own website or is in charge of online marketing for your company, chances are you are aware of the benefits of SEO and blogging. SEO helps your website to be visible on search engines such as Google with the main purpose of your website coming up on the first page of the search engine results. Blogging helps to generate more content to higher the chances of your website being found by the search engines, builds trust, authority and credibility of your brand name.

SEO Blogging, is the method of combining the two together. Both of them are equally important indeed, though if done correctly, you can actually maximize the potential for each of your blog posts to be picked up by Google, time after time. When the Google search engine loves your articles, your articles appears more frequently on the first page of the search engine results, and this results in the highest possible readership of your articles.

An online marketing and SEO veteran of 12 years, Marrilyn S.H. Tong shows you exactly how to do this with the following SEO Blogging tips.

1. Know what your readers are searching for

First you need to determine the exact keywords that your potential readers are using to find you. Each day there are billions of people trying to search for something on Google, it is then your job to make sure that they can easily find you. What you need to do, is first head to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to determine the possible keywords that are related to your business and what you would like to blog about. For example, a life coach may like to search for keywords such as “productivity”, “how to grow a business” and “life coaching”.

Play around with the tool and you will find that over 40,000 people are searching for the keyword “productivity” with low competition, 18,000 searching for “life coaching” with high competition, and 5,400 are searching for “how to grow a business” with 880 monthly searches and medium competition.

From the above statistics, I would recommend picking the keywords “productivity” to work with as there is high demand and low competition, which means the chances of your article getting to the first page of Google are higher. Do this again and try to determine around 20 keywords for your website.

2. Find out what articles are popular

Visit the websites of your competitors and some of the popular news websites online. Most of them have a section where they feature the “Most Popular Articles”. Are there any of them that you can spin an article around too? If yes, note them down and again go back to Google Adwords Keyword Tool to determine the best keywords to use for those articles. Instead of writing something that you think that people are interested in, spend some time to do the necessary research to find out what people actually want and are looking for online. Your time and efforts spent on this will be very much worth the rewards.

3. Naming Your Article Correctly

Using the example above, you may like to name your article as “6 Tips to Enhance Your Productivity”. They key here to use the determined keyword that you have researched for as-is in the title of your article itself. They keyword “productive” will produce different search results than they keyword “productivity”. Try it out on the Keyword Tool and see it for yourself.

Another thing to note is that your keyword needs to appear in the url of your article too. Most websites and blogs have the setting to automatically generate this, though I would still recommend you to double check to make sure that your keywords appear correctly on the article url.

If you have decided to use the keyword “how to grow a business” for your article, do take note that a title of “How to grow a business” or “Growing Your Business” makes a whole lot of difference. Once again I need to stress that you need to use the keyword in your article title and url as-is.

4. Splatter Your Keyword In The Right Places

Now that you have done the above, you will need to place your keyword in the right places within your article itself to further enhance the keyword. Google determines the relevance of your article and decides whether to show it on the search engine results from the above points as well as how many times the keyword actually appears in your article. Knowing this, it will be best if you write your content in such a way that your keyword appears on the top of your article opening paragraph, as well as somewhere else in the article. Do it too much and Google will consider you as a big time keyword spammer. The best is to have the keyword appear at least 1 time, or even 3 times or more in your article.

5. Tell The World About Your Article

After you have written your article and published it online, it is then time to tell others about it. Post the link to your article on your social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and of course, Google+. If you have the resources, time and also use Youtube as part of your online marketing, it will be even better if you can do up a video post on your article and include a link to your article within the description settings. The more products of Google you use, the more Google will love you, give you attention and the higher the chances your articles appearing within the first pages of the Google search engine results will be.

Follow the above SEO Blogging tips and you will be on your way to maximizing the performance of your online marketing efforts and enhance your readership. Sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee and watch the visitorship to your website increase in Google Analytics.



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