Why Packaging Design is Important

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There is no denying the fact that, for a business, logo plays a vital part when it comes to marketing, but the power a visually appealing packaging design has on the potential customers also can’t be ignored or denied. Packaging design is often the most important feature in attracting potential customers to your product. Packaging can make or break a sale—it’s THAT important. It tells a consumer why your product and brand are different from your competitors.

Apple is known for its clean, minimalist packaging. If you’ve ever watched an unboxing video for a new iPhone, you know that everyone love Apple’s packaging.

When you are picking out a bottle of wine, aren’t you drawn to the bottles with cool labels? So yes, your packaging design is often a consumer’s first point of contact with your product. No matter how good a product is, poor packaging can take the sales away! There is a whole science behind packaging design – from the shape of the package to the materials used without forgetting of course its functionality. Consumer perceptions of brands can change based on a competitor’s packaging design changing, so it’s important to keep monitoring shelf changes.

Here are few reasons why packaging design is important:

Represent your brand

A good design should always reflect the product and the creativity and personality of the company. A brand story can be conveyed through color, fonts, and textures we use on the packaging itself. All your branding, from fonts, colours, images should flow coherently from your business cards, to website, brochures and packaging design.

Shape of packaging

There is more to packaging design than simply ensuring a package looks appealing. Shape of the package–whether it’s a bottle or a box, round or square for example, make it stand out from the shelf, making it easy for customers to be attracted to your brand.


Other than simplicity, customers also want honesty and authenticity and hence should make sure the info provided on the packaging are true to what is really inside it. Example, a small note on packaging indicating “zero calories” should be honest and this small piece of info benefits the consumers in choosing your product and hence increasing its sale. The way your content is written should also speak to the hearts of your target customers.

Eco friendly packaging material

Type of material used for packaging design will also be taken into account, when making a purchasing decision. Are they environmentally conscious? If yes, then consider using recycled materials or make the packaging itself recyclable.

If you have the budget to work with a branding agency, it could be a good idea to consult with one that specializes in this. Make sure to get it designed according to what you believe best captures the essence of your product.



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