Packaging Design Trends for 2016

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We all know how important packaging design is to a business and how good it influences the branding of a product. Every business owners needs special effort to invest a lot of time and money on their product packaging design to cope up with the emerging trends, as the trend changes from time to time.

Today, marketing and branding professionals are on an endless mission to wrap their products with packaging design that is relevant, modern, and fresh.

We would like to share with you, our predicted design trends for packaging design in the coming year of 2016. So it makes easy for you to look at the emerging packaging design trends and can ensure that your design will not be completely out of date in 2016!

Clean and simple designs

Modern minimalist has a growing impact on packaging design. Just like websites, packaging designs has also moved towards simpler and clearer brand communications. Thus we assume, simple, minimalist packaging design will stand out on retail shelves in 2016. Too many prints and description words may confuse consumers.

Authentic design

Authenticity and the human touch is one of the most powerful forces in branding. Many brands have started the hand-created look through unique designs and handwritten fonts that extend across all brand collateral, including labeling. More hand-drawn feel for pack labels and brand logos is trending and we think this trend is on its way to gain even more momentum next year.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns when used correctly can be highly flexible, visually effective and in some cases, very functional. You can use them to bring vibrancy and life to your designs or a softer elegance and style to them. Featuring bold geometric inspired patterns on your packaging design is a good way to grab consumers attention and this will trend in 2016.

Matte finish

A matte finish will give any product packaging an upscale and premium appeal. It is quite sleek and stylish. The non-shine texture is the modern way to establish product differentiation and communicate ultimate brand quality, and uniqueness and it will continue to trend in coming year too.

Going back to history

90’s design trend is appearing in packaging design. Many brands are attempting to mock a historic, vintage look. Some brands are actually reverting back to their historic packaging designs from years gone past. They use this idea to create loyalty with customers.



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