Brochure Design: 6 Tips To Create The Best Marketing Brochures

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Brochures are one of several print options companies can use as part of business or product promotion. This tool is especially important and useful for small businesses. It offers more room for company and product information than any other print items.Brochures give you the opportunity to communicate the value of your business and recruit new customers.

Looking for some brochure design ideas? We have compiled 6 tips to create the best marketing brochures for you here.

1: Get yourself clear on why your client needs a brochure

Before you begin working your brochure design, ask yourself why you need a brochure. In case if you already have one and is looking for a completely new brochure; ask as many questions as possible like what is it you like and dislike in your current brochure. In this case, you will have a good idea of what your expectations are and help your graphic designer to create a mind-blowing one for you.

2: Keep the concept clear and simple

After acquiring all the needed information for the marketing brochure your designer will begin to create the most appropriate design for it. We suggest that you keep the concept simple and clear. Simple design can be incredibly effective and doesn’t have to be boring. Make sure that you are able to give the message directly to those who will receive the brochures, which is what makes a brochure design effective.

3: Correct use of fonts

Make right use of fonts that are easy to read and don’t include too many fonts in the brochure. Just a heading, subheading and body copy font would be enough. It will be even better if you already have your own corporate fonts and stick to them in your brochure. This maintains a branding consistency and further enhances your brand image.

4: Use contents and images to catch the attention of readers

When a person opens a brochure, very next thing they do is skim the headlines inside the brochure. So make sure your headlines are attention grabbing and force the reader to move through the entire copy. You can also use bullet points to focus on the key features of your product or service. You cannot assume the reader would give you a call at the contact number provided on your brochure. Instead, include a call for action, in the form of reminders to avail your service before it expires,  if not chances are the readers may forget you and look for others. Use high resolution images that are attractive and once again, tie in with your marketing message and branding.

5. Feel free to break conventional size and shape of brochures

Speak to your graphic designer whether the marketing brochure needs to be the standard A4 or if there is any room to play creatively. Brochures need not have to be of A4 size always. You can always think out of the box to create unique designs that stand out from all. The folding of the brochure can be different, shapes of brochures can be circles, triangles, hearts, whatever suits your business best.

6. Material matters

You can choose a heavier paper as it may convince a potential customer that you are more professional than your competitors. Other things to consider include the lamination on the paper, and other special processes such as embossing, Spot UV, even hot stamping. All these can help create a visually interesting and lasting impression if done correctly.

Brochure design forms a part of your business identity. So a brochure that is creatively and professionally designed by a graphic designer can be worth a great deal more than its cost. Follow the 6 tips to create the best marketing brochures that we have listed down for you and you will be on the right track to having effective brochures that does its purpose.



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