Facebook Ad Tips You Should Know

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The marketing world is cutthroat, with various brands and businesses vying for the attention of certain audiences. Facebook Ads are just one of the many social media advertisement options, but they are at the top of the game. They may have a lot of reputation in the ad business but this does not mean that using a Facebook Ad automatically leads to a huge flow of traffic or new customers. Facebook Ads are not cheap, and people do get it wrong and a lot of money goes down the drain. There are ways to go about using Facebook for Advertisement that will guarantee you the target audience you are looking for.

  1. Using the Facebook insight tool is a definite way to get your target audience. Marketing is a very delicate situation, as not everybody will patronize your business. It is therefore very important to determine your target audience as well as determine the number of people on your page that will positively gravitate towards your Facebook Ad. The Facebook insight tool is able to determine your target audience from the number of followers on your page, saving you some well needed money.
  2. Targeting an audience that will connect to your product is the most important thing. Sometimes you may need to create an advertisement that targets two different demographics, e.g. Age. Taking the risk to create one Facebook ad might not pay off, as these two different audiences might see things differently. If this is the case, it is important to create two completely different Facebook Ads with the purpose of effectively interacting with the target audiences.
  3. There should be provision of information mixed with advertisement. Most people don’t pay attention to ads, unless it is attached to something captivating. This is why Facebook Ads should always be accompanied with landing pages, which contain very helpful content.
  4. The image on the Facebook Ad should be striking. Pictures have the ability to capture a person’s attention, but this detail is usually overlooked when creating an ad. The picture should have a connection with the service being offered.


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