All You Need To Know About Graphic Design

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It is not enough to know about graphic design and be termed a graphic designer because the world changes too much for this. There will always be new technology, new ways to interact with other people and new types of social context. This is why graphic designers need to continually evolve with the times; new techniques and technology need to be learned at every point in time to ensure that they are with the times. Graphic design is broad and while there is need for specialization, graphic designers should have a general knowledge of the field. This is why a designer needs to know the following things about graphic design:

  1. When learning about graphic design, graphic designers need to understand the formal concepts of graphics. They need to take not of how the world works buy understanding the way things were and the way things are. This helps when a graphic designer is trying to determine if his combination of form, types and images is able to tell the story that is being passed across. Graphic design is a practical affair, but it is built on theory. Graphic designers should be able to incorporate the theory in reality.
  2. Method is a part of the graphic design process. The methods used however are different, depending on the target audience, the medium and the means of communication. A good graphic designer is one that is able properly draft out an efficient method, using the elements at hand; while methodology can be taught in schools, it basically boils down to a lot of practice and intuition.
  3. Graphic design as all designs are is mainly drawings. A good graphic designer needs to be able to do more than create images, because for the most part graphic designing is a social art. This means that there will be need for communication between the provider of the service and the client. This means that the designer needs to be able to properly communicate through other means than drawings. Writing and speaking are other techniques that should be used in conjunction with graphic design.


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