The Fundamentals and Elements of Creating a Great Brochure Design

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Designing an eye-catching and professional brochure design is essential for brands who want to market themselves effectively. A brochure design is crucial in advertising and can pave the way towards more opportunities when properly designed.

So what are the fundamentals and elements of creating a great brochure design?

Identify Your Purpose

Before you get started, it is important to understand your purpose and keep it as the main focus throughout the campaign. Establish a brief and outline the brochure design. Never rush into a project without identifying what you did right and what didn’t work last time.

Choice of Colors

Consider the theme and vision of the company and stick to it. Your color scheme should be consistent throughout the brochure design and reflect any existing promotional material. Combine a variety of simple shades with warm tones for an elegant feel. Keep selected areas in full-color splash over black and white backgrounds.

Limit Font Styles

As brochures are limited in size, take advantage of the space. Be sure to keep fonts neat and easy to read without overwhelming the writer. Stick to a consistent style and use headings with space to break up the text.

Embrace Simplicity

While a busy design is ideal when done right, less is more in most cases. The layout and design are key to a good brochure design that will make a great impression. Use punchy and simple statements to grab the attention of your readers.

Sharp Images

Without high-resolution images, the entire brochure design can be easily let down. Readers want to see pleasurable images to keep their attention. Another alternative is to purchase images from sites like Shutterstock, for high-quality images for a good price. Be sure to always consider copyright laws and ask permission from the source.

Proofread First

A well-written brochure is the key to selling the interest of the brochure. Fresh and interesting content is fundamental, be sure to always proofread before printing.

Choice of Materials

From coated to uncoated, thickness to brightness, and matte to gloss, there is a large variety of options for brochure paper types. Using the wrong material will damage the entire brochure design. Brochures should be printed professionally to uphold the best of quality in design.


All above, be sure to express creativity and originality to ensure that you will capture your readers. Showcase your brand and promotional material in a positive light will give you the best brochure design.


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