Characteristics of a great logo design

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Logos are essential to brands as they are made to identify. With the use of icons, images, symbols or marks, logos identify the products or companies in the most basic way. This is crucial as users should instantly connect with the brand when viewing a logo.

With so many logos, it’s not hard to find inspiration and examples of great logos. But what makes the difference between a good logo design and a bad one? More importantly, what can your company do to ensure its logo will effectively represent you?

Here are the top 7 characteristics of a great logo design.

Keep it Simple and Original

Streamline your design without overcomplicating things. The goal is to create a logo design that is easily recognizable. Complicated logo designs will make your logo hard to maintain and reproduce as well as fail to attract your audience. Use the logo to sell your brand to potential clients.

Make it Distinct

Aside from comparing your brand with the competition, set your logo apart from the rest. As finding a way to stand out amongst the competition can be challenging, the main idea is to be different than other competitors. With a distinct logo design, you will attract more clients and customers alike.

Be Versatile

Don’t focus on just one size. Consider your design is various applications as a great logo design can be easily printed in various sizes without losing its power. Graphics should be versatile enough that they can work well on print ads, letterhead, video, and on the web.

Keep it Appropriate

While you don’t need to say the obvious, do consider the factors of your industry. An effective logo should be appropriate without the need of stating the obvious. Example: McDonald’s are known for burgers, but they went with the first initial “M” instead. This icon was simple, appropriate and visually pleasing.

Stay on Target

Keep your intended audience in mind when creating your logo design. As with every business endeavor, you must learn to understand your audience. Your logo design needs to be able to connect with your target market. If you run a toy store, using a childish color scheme that will appeal to kids provides better results than having an image of a toy.

Be Memorable

Make your logo design create an impression. A great logo should be memorable enough for the audience to easily recall the logo. While this may not be the easiest quality to achieve, it will give your design a high ranking.

Aim for Timeless and Longevity

Forget trying to design a trendy logo and aim for longevity. Trends come and go, leaving you to question if your logo design will still be relevant within the next two years. Make sure to keep your design strong enough to withstand years of changes in the given industry.


These characteristics are key to achieving a great logo design. Remember that the best logo designs are simple as they are incredibly effective, versatile and recognizable.


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