Why launching a business without a logo design can sabotage you

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The initial start of a business often causes owners to put off creating a logo and professional marketing materials until they gain clients or boost more business. Unfortunately, trying to save money and design their own marketing materials and logo design during the start of their business instead of hiring a professional will do more harm than good. This will create more difficulty in gaining initial clients and may result in an unsuccessful business.

Many entrepreneurs choose to hire an amateur designer, relative, friend and even themselves when they launch their band and even their first business card. There are several reasons why this would not be the best idea. Launching a business with an amateur logo design rather than a professional logo can make your business more likely to fail. Here’s why:

Your business will not be taken seriously and look unstable. Clients will not have confidence in your business if it does not look professional. Would you intake in an unstable company that might not be in business after you invested in them?

You will look like a small business. Successful businesses would never consider starting their company without the use of original, professional designed marketing materials. Using start-up templates will make your brand appear small and may even indicate that you cannot meet the standards required for a business.

Your company will look unfocused. Using uncoordinated, unprofessional marketing materials can make your business look confused. If you have a business card with a certain look that doesn’t match your website, this can create confusion and make your brand look unfocused. An unfocused logo design brand may cause a sense of identity crisis for a small business, confusing clients into thinking they are looking at materials that represent other companies instead of your own.

Your business will look rough and unpolished. Having an amateur appearance and make your business look like it does not matter to you. Clients may get the impression that you do not care about the presentation and quality of your brand. More than half of all businesses fail within the first few years as one of the major sources of failure is ineffective or sloppy marketing. If your marketing materials fail to stand out from the rest, your sales with ultimately suffer.

When starting a business, you need to create and utilize the fastest possible route to success. Using a logo design helps contribute to your business’s credibility, visibility, and memorability – which are free factors that will help your company grow into a successful business. So, while you may think of delaying your logo development to save money, it could result in no profit at all and never get your business off the ground.


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