How to Create a Logo Design that Can Grow with Your Company

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If your logo design causes confusion to other employees or potential targets, you might want to consider taking a step back and look at other alternatives. Before you get started, make sure to never rush your logo as this is a critical element of branding your business.

Creating a logo design can be stressful, even for seasoned owners. Here are a few tips on how to create a logo design that can grow with your company.

Get Inspiration from your Team

Your logo design represents your company. While logos may often chance, the support of your team should remain constant. It is important to keep your design memorable that everyone can agree on. Do research on your target market and gain feedback from potential designs.

Don’t Oversimplify or Abstract on Principle

We often see company and apps logos that seem too complicated as they are not exactly relevant to the company, service or product. Don’t allow the “ideologies” from your investment to alter the visual mission of your brand.

Consider Universal Perception

One mistake owners constantly make when creating their logo design is that the logo is not flexible or too local in its ability to have various colors that reflect different markets. If the main symbol in the logo design is universally recognized, that will help your logo grow with your company.

Start Clean and Simple

When creating your first logo, learn to start simple. They key is to keep it clean, simple and professional. Once you’ve discovered your ideal product-market fit, build the logo design to reflect on the meaning behind your brand. It’s worth investing the best resources and tie to get it right.  A professional logo design should look like something that was design by an expert designer, not someone with limited experience or lack of budget.

Decide How You Will Use Your Logo

While some brands increase their revenue by selling products that use their logo, others choose a simple corporate design. Consider how and what you want your logo to say about your business and stay in touch with your target audience, choosing styles and colors that are relevant to your buyers. Print materials can be highly expensive in color, making solo colors in your logo ideal. For online marketing, the size of your logo is important for fitting various formats.


Your logo design has a sole purpose of triggering the memory and attention from customers about your brand, which is why logos should evolve around the image of your brand without ever needed to be dramatically redesigned. These tips will help you create a logo design that can grow with your company.


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