How to choose an internet marketing consultant

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Before you consider hiring an Internet marketing consultant, you will need to outline the goals of your company. Without answering the basic requirements, you will not get the results you want. Do you need to increase rankings? Create an optimized landing page? Develop a pay-per-click program? Outline a social media strategy?

Here’s how to choose an internet marketing consultant.

Understand Your Goals

The first step before hiring an internet marketing consultant is to know your goals. This should include where you want your business to be by the end of the campaign and what you expect from the consultant. If you need a basic online marketing campaign, there are a huge number of consultants to hire. However, if you want to target a specific platform or niche, then you need to choose the consultant based on their expertise.

White Hat Techniques

Choose an internet marketing consultant who uses white hat techniques. This technique is considered legitimate by search engines. Check his ratings as a white hat consultant and look for recommendations from previous employers. Choose a consultant who refrains from any deceptive techniques or else your business will experience both trouble and hefty penalties.

Social Media Expertise

Over the past decade, social media networks have formed an integral part of the web with billions of users around the world. This indicates just how important networks can be, in terms of your marketing campaign. In turn, your internet marketing consultant should have thorough knowledge and expertise of how each network works and how to operate. Choosing an internet marketing consultant with the lack of social media knowledge can result in major losses.

Measures Performance

When negotiating with a potential internet marketing consultant, make sure that they understand how you plan to measure their performance. Provide a clear guideline on how you want to measure and report results. An expert consultant should be able to provide a detailed report to show how and if their strategies are working for the campaign. If a potential consultant can provide contingency plans and performance reports, you should definitely shortlist them for the final process of the selection.

Costs vs. Benefit

The final step to choosing an internet marketing consultant is to measure the costs versus benefits against each other. Consider how much your consultant will charge and weigh them against the many benefits that you expect them to provide for your company.


Once you have measured the pros and cons against each other, these steps will help you select the right internet marketing consultant that will be able to give you the best value for your money.


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