How to solve problems with Facebook Ads

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Affiliate marketing has being gaining rounds for years now, and Facebook is just one of the many social media platforms that have aligned themselves with this form of digital marketing. Facebook ads are very beneficial for businesses looking to use social media as a promotion tool. Facebook is still very new to the scene and as such there might be some problems encountered during the course of trying to use these Ads. Facebook Ads can be frustrating to navigate when faced with technicalities, but with these steps troubleshooting just got a little easier.

  1. Determine if the problem encountered on the Facebook ad is a general one: when this is done, head over to the FAQ and determine the steps to solve it.

2. When the problem is not among the FAQ’s: Bugs will happen from time to time and when this situation arises,              it is important to follow the necessary steps to ensure your problem gets solved. Sending emails to the team is              more effective than filling out a form, mainly because it allows you liberty to state all the problems through                    media; videos and pictures. When sending your problem statement, make sure to include your account                          number as text and your campaign/ad (if the problem is specific to a particular Facebook ad). The mail can be              sent to Note that the problem should be sent through the ad account, so it doesn’t get                thrown out.

3. Saving a lot of time is very important: when troubleshooting, ‘dotting all I’s and t’s’ comes in handy. A properly           defined problem statement gets attended to without any hiccups. A few things need to be added in the email,               after trouble shooting; they type of browser used, the browsers version, confirmation that the cache is cleared               and confirmation that a hard refresh was attempted

4. Media is a very important tool when trying to state your problem: the use of pictures or even better videos                     when trying to get across to the troubleshooting team is very important. Using concise captions and clear                       pictures and videos will help get the  Facebook ad problem solved faster


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