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The art of buying and selling dates back to the olden times. The invention and evolution of technology has not slowed this down, rather it has brought new ways for goods and services to be marketed. Social media platforms are one of these new means of making commodities attractive and enticing enough for clients and potential clients interested. The use of social media for digital marketing cannot be overemphasized, and if you are looking to go into marketing this is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Social media while advantageous can be used wrongly, if proper research is not carried out. This is why we bring to you some of the best social media platforms for marketing:

Facebook: This has one of the best platforms for marketing and advertisings. It is great for all kinds of business and you can post using different means of advertisement and get a lot of engagements; pictures and posts get the most engagement. Facebook however, is losing a lot of teens as more parents are joining; if your demographic is teens you might want to try other platforms

Twitter: This is also a good social media platform for marketing. This is because a lot of people come on twitter to see what others are posting. Businesses in entertainment, sports, news and fashion would do very well on this platform

Instagram: This social media platform has been gaining ground for a couple of years now. The picture taking trend is on and still strong, businesses that can benefit from this are lifestyle businesses. Anything from slim tea, to shoes, clothes, bags and cosmetics can thrive with this platform.  Businesses that target a young demographic will do well here.

Pinterest: The app is mainly for people seeking inspiration on lifestyle choices. It is mainly female dominated and any business from fashion to jewellery and food will well here. Sports businesses would also have a shot at this social media platform; weight loss to be specific.

Google+: This social media platform is mostly for technology and engineering businesses. The app is used for majorly sharing ideas and is a male dominated.

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