Common Misconceptions about Graphic Design In Singapore

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Graphic design has been gaining a lot of ground for the past two decades, since the era of computers began and virtual life started taking over reality. Technological advancements have made the internet available all over the world, but this is does not change the common misconceptions that happen in certain parts of a continent. Graphic design is needful and graphic designers even more so; here are the common misconceptions of these two elements in Singapore.

  1. Graphic design can be conducted only on the internet: most people think graphic design is synonymous with the internet. This has led to false notions and expectations as to what graphic design can and cannot achieve. Graphic design can be done on paper and a lot of ideas have been formed at the inception stage, using means that are not digital. Graphic design needs some sort of structure when it comes to communication, as effective feedback does help the designer in doing an excellent job. This means that things involving communication should not be conducted using the internet; with the exception of applications such as face time. A solution to this would be to chat with the client in person, as this enables better understanding between the client and the designer.
  2. Graphic designers get paid huge wads of cash: Graphic design like any other business have different price range for different services. The recent demand for designers has made people think that graphic designers must earn a lot of money; this is actually a bit far from the truth. Graphic design is a time intensive field, there is usually a lot of feedback before the final service is provided. This takes time, meaning that a designer might not have a lot of time for other projects.
  3. Freelancing is a very easy way to make money with graphic design: Nothing good comes easy, and this is no exception. Freelancing means working at odd hours, making sure things are put in order and while in the long run, it could be a worthwhile venture; it is not an easy way to make money.


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