12 Tips to Create a Brochure Design that Brings in Profits

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Have you received brochures from various companies that seem either generic or flat out boring? Whether they’re filled with so much information to can fill a novel or look so plain, brochures often have a bad reputation when it comes to effective marketing tools. You can add all the content and information you need to promote your business, but it won’t matter if no one actually reads it.

Here are 12 tips to create a brochure design that brings in profits and get clients interested in your business.

  1. Start Simple

Simple designs are straight to the point and incredibly effective A clean, simple typeface brings a modern effect to a brochure.

  1. Be functional

A simple brochure filled with information is good, but adding small surprises for your viewers is better. This can make a huge impact, even if it’s as simple as mini-folds or flowers.

  1. Create Impact

Using simple shapes to look like callouts will make any brochure look fun and interesting. The pop of color against a clean background helps to bring the message while the cuts create a 3D look.

  1. Reflect Physical Graphics

Using graphic elements with bright colors add interest to a cohesive brochure. Elements should work together in cohesion to create a solid piece.

  1. Get Creative

If you plan on adding physical items such as a cd or DVD, make sure to display it in an interesting way. Use pop-outs rather than a simple sleep to give the interior more dimension.

  1. Take Advantage of Shapes

Brochures design don’t have to be square or rectangular. They can be triangles circles, hearts or any shape that will suit your business.

  1. Use Subtle Adjustments

If you prefer a standard format, make subtle adjustments by shaving down the corners to add softness for a comfortable and friendlier appearance.

  1. Consider Materials

Recyclable materials will give your business a “green” and environmentally-friendly look, while industrial materials will give a blue collar feel.

  1. Make Texture Your Graphic Element

While photography isn’t always ideal for a brand or a brochure, a textural pattern is a way to go. Using a contrast between bright colors and dark pages help add create an interesting dimension.

  1. Keep it Small

Remember: bigger isn’t ALWAYS better. If you can fit your information into a small size, why not make your brochure fit the part? Small brochures will make someone more likely to hold onto as it can easily fit into your pocket or a purse.

  1. Make it Fun

Brochures don’t have to be boring. Using lines and bright colors will create a unique illustrative style. Some businesses even go as far as adding removable features than can be worn by the reader, such as glasses.

  1. Have a Purpose

Brochure designs can be both creative and functional. Considers ways your brochure can become more than just a source of information. A functional brochure design is a major trend right now, and will be for the years to come.


Using all of these tips surely help you to create a great brochure design. Always consider the client and what they would like to see in your brochure.


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