How to Talk to Your Graphic Designer

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It can be difficult to start a design from scratch, especially when you’re still new to working with a graphic designer. Turning ideas into a complete product is a lucrative process as you can’t just leave designers to read your mind. Clients need to be involved to help guide through the entire process. As the client, you must help the designer understand what you expect exactly so they can serve you better.

Here’s How to Talk to Your Graphic Designer.

Be Specific

When clients aren’t happy about certain aspects of their design, they must address the certain details to help the designer solve the issue. Be specific as possible, especially with feedback. Propose samples of fonts, styles, themes, color palettes and layouts that you would like to see. Explain specific elements you would like to change. Instead of saying “that looks weird,” explain what detail shows the problem.

Speak Up

Stay updated with the project and give proper feedback. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing an issue at the end of the project that could have been fixed during the early stages. Speaking up about issues early on will save both the client and graphic designer time and effort.

Talk About Improvements, Not Mistakes

While Graphic Designers are used to criticism, approach your communication with your designer in the same way as you would with a friend – with tact and discretion. Criticizing a certain aspect of a design requires patience as you must frame the criticism about your preferences instead of their skills.

Listen to Your Designer

When deciding on how to improve your project, chances are the graphic designer has already considered all option. Be sure to ask for their reasoning as to why they chose the specific details. This will help you learn more about their style, process and limitations. Find out what the graphic designer insists is necessary for the project and negotiate on what can stay or be changed.

Give Your Graphic Designer Freedom

Clients may start projects with only a few ideas, while some may be a bit too specific with their vision. If the graphic designer creates a draft that doesn’t include every inch of detail you asked for, consider the changes before you dismiss them. When designers work with too many demands for the project, the final product will look like it was created by a long checklist. Be flexible to the chances and understand what’s necessary for your project. Give your graphic designer the freedom to widen their skills and create better version of your vision.


Before you set up a meeting, be sure to do your homework and think about the message you want to portray in your design. Consider the major points and know your business. Understand the visual language and restrictions.  While showing graphic designers what you like, what you don’t like is more useful.


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