How To Budget For New Website Design

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Financial is always the main concern for new business starter. Website is one of the engine that connect your customer to your business. How much do you budget in your website design? Price will vary depend on how complexity and type of functions, but you can do your own research and a ballpark price for you to budget for a website design. There is always a cost to everything, you pay peanut, and you get peanut quality when it comes to building a company website. When small business fail to budget properly, it will end up costing more than expected, causing delay in your post-launch marketing activities or worst eliminated. Or it will end up undesired, lack of functionality and content, and gives a bad impression to your customers. The end results, there are many to-do list items getting not done, which result in  unexpected costs involve to rectify the problems.

Low & Standard Website Design

You can use a free WordPress theme or a service like Wix if there is budget constrain. Most of the customers will judge your business credibility from your website’s design. It is important to budget an amount to invest in your branding and website especially for a new start-up businesses need to take into consideration. Web design companies charge by the design development, number of pages, and type of features in your website. For small business website that might have up to 10 pages with a nice slideshow on the home page & a photo gallery or events feature will be good enough. If you’re going for a standard website, get fully custom solution on a content management system to overlook your website, up to 20 pages, basic SEO included and perhaps even features like a blog, events calendar & video gallery.

Some of the company hire a web development agent to help them to position against your competitor in search engine website. Also take into consideration to budget other services like Maintenance Packages, Responsive Design, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, Article Writing or Email Marketing.

Important Requirement of Website

  • Domain name (
  • Hosting (A site that store your files)
  • Type of Website Files to be created


Fixed Cost

These are the infrastructure requirements for every website which includes of your domain name and web hosting. Annually payment for website’s fixed costs.


Website Design

The design of your website incudes of the graphic layout, branding, colours, fonts and content elements. Ensure you have the budget for a decent website designer and keep your website design simple and friendly usage, alternative you can consider for a stock website template.



The development of your website is the process of converting the design and features into code. The complexity of the design and features varies the development cost. Basic features that are contact forms, slideshows to display images or other content, and blogging features are at lower cost. Websites with more advanced features like accepting credit card information, shopping carts, etc will cost much higher.




Your website content is the text, accompanying images, forms and any other assets you wish you display on the website. You can compile or produce these assets yourself, or get the web designer or copywriter to produce it for you.



You will need to update or edit your website content after it has been launched. For DIY websites, this will only cost you your time. If you get someone to design and develop your website, you should ask how much it will cost for them to update the site for you and add that into your website budget. If you can afford the development cost, paying for a content management system may save you maintenance costs especially if you only need minor updates.


After Market Service

There are other variables that you may want to factor inside your website’s cost. Having the site to be mobile friendly, include a forum, with search engine optimization marketing and social media marketing. These services might be considered after-market, but they still need to be considered for your website’s budget.



Examine your budgeting to portion out how much money you can afford to spend on your website. Set aside that budget in a dedicated website design budget. Make your decision if you want to create the website yourself or go with web designer agent. Do your homework and each week learn and plan for your new website update. Finally, being proficient in using the web is as important as other operational tasks for your online business.


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