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What is copywriting?
Copywriting is essentially the art of persuasion through the written word. Most of us come across copywriting several times a day without even knowing it: when we watch a television commercial; look at a newspaper or magazine ad; or read a website. Copywriting is the words used in any type of marketing media.

The hypnotic effect of words
We’ve all seen the sensational stage shows on hypnotism which compel people to do silly things. But did you know that we are constantly being hypnotised in our day to day lives? That’s what marketing is all about: influencing people to make certain choices.

The business writing skill of a copywriter is not unlike a hypnotist. They gain the trust of their subjects (the target market) by making them feel comfortable with words. This induces a kind of hypnotic state rendering the subject’s subconscious mind open to suggestion.

The benefits of a copywriter
Copywriters know what words trigger the feelings that compel people to make decisions. They write with flair, making it easy for people to be drawn into what they are saying about your business.


  • Identify the selling points and character of your business
  • Establish the nature of your target market
  • Write copy that engages your customers & motivates them to take action
  • Cost a heck of a lot less than advertising agencies

How to tell a good copywriter from a bad one
Good copywriters are like chameleons. They adapt their style according to the business they are working with and its target market:

Losing a loved one is among the saddest experiences people face in life. Fantastic Funerals understand that families want to create a fitting tribute and therefore we cater our funeral service to your needs. Our friendly and supportive staff will be by your side, helping you with decisions along the way.’

Less effective copywriters tend to use the same voice no matter what the job is:

At Fantastic Funerals we give our customers value for money. Come in and see our extensive range of coffins. We’re sure to have one to suit your corpse. And for a limited time only when you purchase a Fantastic coffin, we will give you a second coffin absolutely free. That’s right folks! It’s buy one get one free in our mega bonanza January sale! Don’t miss out! Secure your coffin today before they all walk out the door!

More generally, the words of a good copywriter should have the same effect on you as a good book – they should not only hold your attention, but compel you to read on to the end.

Ask for writing samples
The best way to find out if a copywriter is up to the task is to ask for some samples of their work. That way you can judge for yourself whether their style is appropriate to your needs.

The pitfalls of DIY copywriting
The costs of DIY copywriting can far outweigh the benefits.

It’s one thing to have a web presence, but if the image your website projects is at odds with the message you want to convey to your customers, then your website could be working against you.

You know when you’ve come across a DIY website: the language is stilted, the sentences don’t make sense, and/or there are spelling and grammatical errors. You don’t have to be an English teacher to pick it up. It just doesn’t feel right. So despite what’s being said, the overriding message to your target market is unconvincing and suggests that your business is unprofessional.

Language is one of the most important forms of communication; and since good communication is the cornerstone of good business, it makes sense to get it right.

Content is the key to good performance in organic search results
Websites that do well in search results are usually the ones that offer more than just a basic description of their goods and services. Some examples of useful content are articles and newsletters relevant to the website and blogs. When you offer extra information like this (and it should be useful), people are more likely to stick to your site.

To summarise, using the services of an advertising copywriter is the quickest and easiest way to multiply your profits, increase your cash flow, and bring in more customers than ever before. You might also ask a copywriter you are considering if they know how to write a sales letter, as well as advertising copy.

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