What Exactly Does an Internet Marketing Consultant Do

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An Internet Marketing Consultant is an expert who understands analysis, how to put strategies in place and what motivates consumers to improve business.

Many often get confuse the differences between marketing consultants and advertising agencies, assuming that consultants do the same work as an agency. However, they are very different from each other and perform complementary functions.

While an advertising agency’s job is to create ads, they have creative teams that consist of copywriters, art directors, and graphic designers who will deliver the message in a fresh way. In contrast, an internet marketing consultant will help a business decide on the best way to engage clients. The internet marketing consultant will also help determine how to expand the client base and who else might be interested in the services or products of the brand.

Additionally, the internet marketing consultant uses analytical tools, considers potential markets and develops a strategy to achieve the goals of the company. Through the process, the internet marketing consultant will stick to the goals and mission of the company and measure success, track results, and test the target audience’s response while implementing a strategic internet marketing plan.

Your Company Needs an Internet Marketing Consultant if You:

  • Need to set goals
  • Want to build your brand
  • Need a strategic marketing plan with both short and long term goals
  • Uncertain of the key metrics – such as social media engagement, daily foot traffic, lead to sale conversion ratios, profit margins, incoming leads or calls
  • Desire to expand new markets and attract potential clients
  • Want to improve loyalty and relationships with existing customers

Typical Roles and Responsibilities of an Internet Marketing Consultant

An internet marketing consultant can help a business in many different ways. Here are some of the main responsibilities of an internet marketing consultant. Marketing consultants will help identify potential ways to engage with new and existing clients. They will evaluate any existing materials used for social media, marketing, and advertising to determine how successfully they are with targeting customers and generating sales.

Internet Marketing Consultants will help shape the brand and identity of a company and work on any necessary damage control. They work to improve relations through social media by creating innovative campaigns for optimal success. Consultants work to coordinate platforms involving blog, website, and pages that require content. They write target content with SEO keywords to help generate rankings while managing email and internet campaigns. They also review and track analytics to measure success and achieve desired results.


As you may notice, the various roles of an internet marketing consultant are quite diverse. This is why you must understand and research your goals to help know which skills are required to fit your needs.


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