10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Web Design Company

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Before you consider hiring a Web Design Company, you must understand the importance of choosing the best companies to fit your brand. With an endless range of web design companies, it’s not easy to compare each provider. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best questions to ask before you choose a web designer.

Here are 10 Questions to Ask before You Hire a Web Design Company.

  1. Can I see examples of your previous work?

Ask the web design company to show you samples of websites they’ve created. Be sure to ask for sites with a similar price range of your budget. Consider if their work is up to your standards.

  1. Who will do the technical work and manage the project?

Depending on the web design company, you may either have one person to complete the tasks or a number of people involved in the project. You will need to know who will be the person to contact if there’s a problem.

  1. What is the process if I don’t like the design?

Knowing how much rounds of changes is important as some do not offer this feature. While some companies offer unlimited changes until you are satisfied, others will charge extra after the first few rounds.

  1. What about the site’s content?

Many web design company focus on the design and leave the content for last. This may cost you as a successful website will communicate its content thoroughly and effective throughout each page.

  1. How will you handle the final changes?

Ask the designer how many hours are provided to fix any bugs or changes once the site is live. While some allow a certain number of hours or changes, others charge for every update or change.

  1. What is the price of the project?

While a great website is important, the cost will also play a huge role in which web design company you choose. Websites can range from$300 to over $10,000. This will depend on what your site needs and what specialized functionality will be included.

  1. How will I be able to make changes to the site after?

Ask the designer if they will provide a content management system (CMS), which will allow you to make changes yourself. Others will expect you to pay for the changes they make for you. Be sure to consider this option in your budget and knowledge.

  1. How long will it take to develop and launch my site?

Every project requires a realistic launch time. Based on your site’s specifications, the web design company should be able to explain how long it will take to complete your site.

  1. What will you do to make my site SEO-friendly?

Having an SEO-friendly site is important to your business. It needs to be well-structured and properly coded so that it can be easily optimized for search engines. Make sure that you understand their terms for your SEO strategy.

  1. Will the domain name and hosting account be registered in my name?

Double check to make sure your hosting accounts and domain name is registered in your name. You may be able to do this yourself and provide them with your details. If you transfer ownership at a later stage, this can cause a problem especially if the designer has stopped working with design.


Be cautious of the many self-proclaimed web design company experts as not all web designers are the same. Make sure to do your research before you start searching. Most importantly, ask plenty of questions before you make your decision.


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