Why You Should Never Buy An Email List

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Somewhere on the internet, you happened to read that it is good to blast email newsletters once in a month or weekly basis. Of course your next thought is, you need email addresses to email to and most importantly, you need them quickly too. You may have considered buying a ready-made email list and think that that will be a smart move, but this is one shortcut that can have serious and long-lasting damaging effects on your business.

Here are few reasons why you should never buy an email list:

Inaccurate data on the list

It may sound great when you get a list of 5000 contacts to blast out your newsletters, but do you think those 5000 people are interested in what you do? You can never trust the quality of the email list you buy from other vendor – there may be cases like some data may be missing, also just think, these people has never opted in themselves or heard about you before. Doing this will mean that you are spending money on irrelevant email addresses and is just waste of money and time.

You risk your email deliverability and IP reputation

When you purchase a list, there can be number of outdated data and are usually very high in bounce rate & spam reports. A high bounce rate can be a red flag to your provider; you may be branded as a spammer or at least a problem sender. If too many of your messages get marked as spam, you will quickly get on the wrong side of your email service provider. At worst, you may get blacklisted on the World Wide Web and realize that your existing clients can’t even receive any emails from you anymore causing a huge hassle to your work flow.

Your competitor may be also using the same list

Few people claim that they sell the email list specifically for a targeted group, but can you guarantee that they don’t sell the same list to another people of the same category? Plus, they might be sending out email after email to the same recipients. So chances are that the people on your newly bought list may be already frustrated about the number of marketing emails they’re receiving and when they receive your emails, they will instantly delete it or send it to their spam folder without even reading.

People on purchased lists don’t know who you are

When you purchase an email list, contacts in the list have no idea about who you are and imagine how annoyed they will be when they receive your email completely out of the blue. It is definitely not a right way to introduce your company. People would definitely welcome your email if they opt in themselves through contact forms on your website and they would expect to hear from you always!

These are some of the reasons why you should never buy an email list. We suggest building your email list by making people to opt –in. This is the best way to develop a healthy email marketing program. An opt-in list grows as people willingly sign up to receive your emails.



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