Essential Skills Every Graphic Designer Should Have

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A well-rounded Graphic Designer should offer a variety of skills that are essential in handling clients proficiently. Below you will find the essential skills that every Graphic Designer should have in order to advance in their career. While a designer may have years of experience and excellent artistic abilities, the following skills will not only make you a much more feasible hire, but they will also allow you to raise your rates for top-quality designs.

Style &Creativity

In order to reach a targeted audience, a familiarized style can bring value as every designer must be comfortable to create their own style in design. While every project is different, your style should have a signature imprint on the minds of the viewers. Most graphic designers tend to be well-rounded in a range of contemporary styles.

The ability to take something unfinished and turn it into something remarkable is the key to a successful career. Graphic designers should be clear about producing a picture that others try to express with words.


Typography is one of the most underrated skills in graphic design. It requires a large understanding of fonts, along with the appropriate use of kerning, line-height and tracking. The advertising industry is about communication. Therefore, the design needs to be clean and readable.

Design and Layout

Graphic designers must have an understanding of digital print and layout. It requires an understanding of concepts like grid layouts, color separations, and master pages. Every professional designer must know the printing process as well as understand color space.

Web Design

Another essential skill that every graphic designer should have is a clear understanding of web development. Designers are usually expected to have the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as basic standards of web design. Web design is one of the most valuable skills for graphic designers as this will open a larger client base.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is essential to any individual in order to promote themselves, services or products. Having a firm understanding of the value of social media apps like Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, and Twitter along with the knowledge of how to use them properly to help build relationships and bring more value to the brand.


Communication is fundamental to designers as they must be able to clearly express their ideas and concepts to clients with ease. Good communication includes discussing options and changes, extracting accurate requirements, and explaining how to utilize a tool.


These essential skills will help every Graphic Designer promote their business in today’s tough marketplace. Consider the essential skills a graphic designer needs to ultimately build a brand, sell products, get attention and bring repetitive business.


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