Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Web Designer

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Finding a Web Designer that understands the goals of your business can be a scary and frustrating process. With so many things to consider, we know how intimidating it can be when hiring a web designer.

Here’s how to avoid the following mistakes people make when hiring a web designer and have the best experience.

Unsure of What You Are Looking For

Make a list of your goals and what you are looking to achieve from the website. An expert web designer will review your specifications, discuss, ask the right questions, and suggest solutions that will fit towards achieving a successful website.

Not Reviewing Testimonials and Portfolios

Before you get started on discussing the project brief, be sure to check the web designer’s portfolio. Be sure that the projects are legit and ask for their references.

Choosing the Cheapest Offer

Many clients often pick the cheapest bid as they think they can still receive a high level of quality and professionalism while saving money. Business owners must remember that a website is an investment. Choose a bidder with a decent price while referring to their expertise, reviews, past projects, and professionalism.

Not Signing a Proper Agreement

If you plan to keep your project a secret, make sure to get a non-disclosure agreement signed first. Write a simple draft with a specific document clause like support terms, payment terms, copyrights, etc. Also make sure to indicate if the quote includes content, web hosting or images. ,

Make sure to place an agreement on the specs of payment terms. It will most likely be weekly, monthly or a fixed rate. Clients often lose thousands on an amateur web designer before hiring a professional web designer.

Buying & Owning Your Domain

It’s crucial that you own the domain. There are various websites where you can get your domain name within minutes and cost less than a cup of coffee! Make sure that you will have full control over the domain name as any efforts of driving traffic to your site will be attached to it. If a web designer insists on booking the domain, be very cautious of their intentions and move on.

No SEO Strategy

Without an SEO strategy, your plan is likely to fail. Startup businesses often hire web designers that don’t have an expert knowledge of SEO as experiences businesses often fail to provide their strategy to their web designers. Understanding the importance of SEO will determine the results you will receive from your web designer.


To avoid any common mistakes that be also be costly, be sure to understand these fundamental principles when hiring a web designer.


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