What is SEO Copywriting?

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SEO copywriting is using compelling copy to attract new customers.

People searching for your products and services will use a search engine. Most likely, they’ll use one of the top three search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. When searching for your products and services, people enter keywords and key phrases (a series of keywords together) and wait for the search engine to retrieve the most relevant results to the keywords or key phrases they entered.

For example, let’s say you own an email marketing software services firm. Your software is web based and provides users with the ability to send newsletters to their mailing list. Your prospective customers enters “email marketing software” in Google. They click on one of the top five results Google retrieves.

Let’s take it a step further and assume your website content has been written by a professional SEO copywriting services firm. When the prospective customer reads your website’s content, they see keywords and key phrases such as:

  • email marketing software
  • email newsletter software
  • HTML email software
  • email campaign distribution service
  • and so on….

When your prospective customers see those keywords and key phrases, they automatically know that you provide the service they want. Now you need to convince them to buy your software. How do you do that? You hire a professional SEO copywriting services firm to write compelling copy using the right words, phrases, and consumer psychology to attract, convert, and retain the right customers.

SEO copywriting is using keywords and key phrases to attract search engines.

Okay, so I described how keywords and key phrases attract your prospective customers. I discussed how using the right keywords and key phrases along with compelling copywriting will show your prospective customers that your service is related to the keywords and key phrases they entered in a search engine.

Search engines thrive on content central to a specific theme. Recall the “email marketing software” key phrase. The theme for that particular phrase is “email marketing” and/or “marketing software.” SEO copywriting services utilize all the related keywords and key phrases to your website’s central theme to develop content that makes it easy for search engine spiders to crawl and quickly recognize the point of your website.

SEO copywriting services combine the best of both worlds.

SEO copywriting services combine the benefits of search engine marketing with compelling copy. Your website can achieve top rankings in major search engines with the right combination of keywords and key phrases. Your website can achieve higher conversion rates with compelling copy that utilizes targeted keywords and key phrases. Put it all together and your website will outsell, outperform, and quash your competition.

SEO copywriting services should be part of your marketing campaign.

You want to maximize your marketing efforts. You want your return on investment (ROI) to be significantly high. And you want to implement a campaign that produces real results by experienced professionals. SEO copywriting services do the following and more.

  • produce organic results
  • create fresh content for search engines (and your site’s visitors)
  • create a “sticky-ness” factor to keep your visitors on your website
  • build traffic, increase revenue, generate results

Don’t let your competition attract your prospective customers first. Instead, hire a professional SEO copywriting services firm to write compelling copy that attracts your prospective customers and search engines.

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