Things to Do Before Starting A New Web Design Project

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By definition, a project is temporary in nature; that means that it has a specific start and finish. A project consists of a well-defined collection of small jobs (tasks) and ordinarily culminates in the creation of an end product or products (deliverables). This applies to a web design project, in which the deliverable is almost always, a website.

It is important to invest some time to prepare before starting a web design project. Success of a project can be measured in terms of how well you have planned; how good have you identified the risks involved in it etc. There are few important things to do before you start looking in to a new web design project:

What are the deliverables?

Understand the aim of the web design project or what you are looking to achieve at the end.  The entire system will need to be flexible as you may need to change the scope of the project throughout the process, though the final deliverable may remain more or less the same.

Identify WHO to be involved in the project

Select a web designer company, who  can provide what you are looking for. Make sure that your web designer is clear of their task and how well they could contribute to the success of overall project.

Identify the risks involved

There can be elements that can go wrong in your web design project, which could be either internal or external to your project. Identifying such potential risks early, can help you to be well equipped to meet the risk during  the process. Suppose in a web design process, you may not be able to provide the required info such as images or contents to your web designer as on time, or in some cases, your team may be busy to pass timely feedback that hinders the process of project. In this case, think about how flexible are you when it comes to extension of the project delivery date?

There is no hard and fast rule for this. The risk for which you plan may occur sometimes or may not. It all depends on your attitude to risk.

Estimate the time frame for the project

Estimating the time, allows you to predict how long the production of the various deliv­erables will take. Important point to remember when estimating time is this: The web designer who will actually undertake a given piece of work should create the estimates.This is important coz estimating the time need to be realistic!

Estimate your budget

It is good to determine a ballpark figure of the budget that you have put aside for the web design project, realistically. Sometimes business owners have a lot of ideas and they can get too enthusiastic about their web design project, which may sometimes blow your budget out. So in this case, it is good to determine what you can afford, then work on creating something that will fit your budget. You can always upgrade and add more elements to your web design later on.



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