7 Social Media Strategies to Get Your Business Recognized

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The success of Facebook and Twitter shows the importance of social media, in today’s digital world. It could get you more reach & brand popularity, if used correctly. We hope you already have a fan page, if not we highly recommend to get one created very soon.

Here are some social media strategies to get your business recognized on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Media Strategy 1: Focus on the right social media platforms for your business

It is best to focus on one or 2 major social networks and learn how to leverage it for your online marketing rather wasting your effort on all available social media platforms. Figure out where your target market hangs out online, where they share their interests etc and you will be able to determine which platforms to focus on.

Social Media Strategy 2: Lets others know on your website

Every website should have a call to action for your visitors, as they help to provoke an immediate response.  That can be in the form of “opt-in” buttons to your newsletters or request to follow on social media or to join a forum.

Social Media Strategy 3: Create a cover image that reflects what you do

When you add a cover image to your Facebook page, let that reflect everything about your brand. For that we suggest adding a branding statement that lets people know exactly what you do. Also, you can incorporate your brand colors to your cover image.

Social Media Strategy 4: Use images and graphics on your posts

Of course valuable contents are important. However visual design is important too. Images are so important as they capture the minds and motivate the readers in ways that text can’t.

Social Media Strategy 5: Create your own community

Create your own community and start building them by initiating valuable discussions and share information to your followers and potential customers. If possible, help them to solve problems and encourage them to have open discussion on current trends and practices. This helps to build relationship and your business gets recognized quickly when your current followers share it with their friends and relatives.

Social Media Strategy 6: Be consistent

If you are active on social media, be consistent. Consistent posting on social media will get your business name in front of customers. It will also let your customers know that your business is reliable and on top of things. Plan on how often you can post on each social media. Make sure that you are getting your business name online and people are aware of your brand.

Social Media Strategy 7: Be authentic and feel free to share secrets of your success with your readers

Your readers would definitely love to hear from you about the secrets of your success. Feel free to share it with them.  This would build trust in them and they recognize you for what you do.

Good social media strategies are the biggest weapon to reach out to your audience easily today. Use the weapon wisely and reap benefits.



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