Email Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

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Email continues to be one of the most important communication channels, however what matters more is how effective is your email marketing and how effectively you grab the attention of your readers.

With the approach of the holiday season, it is time for businesses to start preparing for their holiday campaigns. Let’s discuss on how email marketing can be optimized to best suit the holiday season.

Email marketing tips for the holiday season:

Create effective designs or visual templates which are mobile-friendly

An effective design of an email campaign is one of the important features that help your emails stand out from the bulk of emails that your reader receives in their inboxes. Also make sure you use a mobile-friendly email template, so that your email looks fantastic in every inbox. Keep your email messages short and provide links to more detailed contents on your website or blog.

Create content to celebrate the holiday spirit

This is the perfect time to show appreciation to all the customers who have supported you throughout the year. You can send an email to celebrate the holiday with your subscribers. Try to offer your customers to shop by offering a can’t-resist promotion – offers like cash back, product discount, free shipping etc. Also may be try to send an email that reminds about abandoned cart and can also offer incentive to the items awaiting for them in the cart. Make sure to avoid too many promotional emails during the holiday season.

Blast out emails to specific segmented groups

It’s no secret that segmentation plays a big role in this process and blast out emails specific to the groups rather blasting out emails blindly to the whole list. Segmentation can be done based on age, location, past purchases. This is most important as customized emails are more likely to engage and helps to motivate conversion. Also this will help you to determine the best offers that will generate the best results for your marketing efforts.

Give limited period offers

Offer something that has a deadline. Be sure to put the urgent information in the subject line. Use urgent language like, “Limited-time offer”, “Sale ends today”, “Only 4 hours left” etc then send a follow-up email a day or two before the offer expires.

Integrate social media

We hope you already have your social media account set up for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. Include all links in your email. This would help to direct subscribers to your profile to see products visually and to make purchases.

Schedule your email blast

Since many of you will be taking long holidays during this period, it is best to plan beforehand your email campaigns and set them to be blasted out on a schedule with your email marketing software, such as Mailchimp. The more you prepare, the more you can get to enjoy the holiday season yourself too! 🙂

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