How to Generate Business Through LinkedIn Marketing

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LinkedIn is widely used by professionals to grow their networks and their careers, but do you know it isn’t just for professionals and job seekers and can also be used to grow your business too?

Unlike any other social media, LinkedIn marketing requires a different type of approach to get the results you want. Here are few steps you can use to find new customers, create new contacts and ultimately generate more business from LinkedIn.

Learn how to generate business through Linkedin marketing here:

Create a company profile page

In today’s world of digital marketing, almost all businesses have a LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t yet, create one – a company profile page, with images, colors and content in consistent with your website page. Describe your profile in a way so as to highlight how your service can be helpful to your prospects. In your summary, make sure to direct people to the contact page on your website, or add your direct phone line.

Make sure to keep your profile updated once in a week at least, coz creating a profile and not maintaining it will be worse than not having at all.

Connect with people

Let your prospects know in your summary that you like to connect on LinkedIn. You should also reach out and connect with everyone. Try messaging the connections who visited your profile and see if you can help them in anyway. Suppose if they aren’t your connection, check if they are worth adding in your connection list.

Create your LinkedIn group

Set up your LinkedIn group first. Next go out and look for other groups where you think your prospects would be actively participating. Join as many groups, as LinkedIn allows you to join group of 50 in total. Upon joining such groups you can actively participate in the discussion and also look for your prospects on Members page. You can send personalized invitation to your ideal prospects from the list of Members of all joined groups – that’s it. Now you have all prospects in one place! Now you can start sharing valuable and interesting contents that would keep your prospects engaged. Quality content is nothing but that helps your connections to solve their problems or offer your expert knowledge, that add values to your prospects.

Email marketing list

After prospects become your connection, we suggest, you write an email thanking them for being connected on LinkedIn. You can draft an email and message up to 50 people at a time. You could include a direct link for the email signup when you contact your prospects. This way you can build up your email marketing list, which is very important.

Building online credibility is vital in a digital age where the social web can define you. We hope by following the above tips you will be able to learn how to generate business through Linkedin marketing better.

So share with us, how do you use LinkedIn to build online authority, credibility and trust?



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